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Dear Our Customers,

Thank you for visiting Pink Lemon.Com
Have you ever been in this situation before?
  • You visited Thailand already but no time to shopping or forgot to buy something.
  • You want to buy something to surprise someone.
  • Something that available in Thailand but not available on the Internet.
  • You don't know anyone to buy for you.
  • You know someone but don't want to disturb him/her.
We can help you solve the above problem. Our shop is located in Bangkok, Thailand. And we hope that we can shop for you.

Our service charge is 15%** of value of your order ( Include shipping service) but not lower than US Dollar 15.00 ( ** that items but be carried by one man and no need any car to pick it up). If your order need car for picks up or outside Bangkok we will inform you for additional charge)

Please complete this form

First name :   -  Last name : *
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Your order ( please explain as much as you can, or if you have pictures please send to us. Tell the name of the shop, telephone number or the location that you saw it.

After we got your E-mail we will check for your order and inform you back by E-mail for the shipping cost. We need at least 2-3 weeks time for this service.

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